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Adoption Fee

All hoglets will be $250 regardless of color or gender. **Prices may be adjusted depending on my expenses at the time.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold your baby. This is included in the full price of the baby.

My Policies

  • Babies will be sold as pets only, unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand.

  • Only one gender will be sold to a family at a time.

  • Parental consent is needed when adopting to anyone under 18.

  • An application must be placed and approved to adopt.

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you a baby.

  • Babies are considered on hold after a non-refundable deposit of $50 is received.

  • I may refuse or cancel an adoption at any time during the adoption process. If I cancel after your deposit has been received it will be refunded to you.

  • If you can't keep your hedgehog at any time you must contact me for rehoming assistance.

  • When contacted to choose your baby you will have 24 hours to respond before I move on to the next person on the list. I have spent a great deal of time waiting for people who never answer back - this is not fair to me or those who are waiting behind you!

My Guarantees 

7 day health guarantee - We guarantee all hedgehogs to be healthy when they leave for their new homes. If your hedgehog is diagnosed with an illness clearly attributable to our care, as confirmed in writing by a veterinarian within 7 days of receiving your hedgehog, you may either:

1) Return your hedgehog and receive a replacement hedgehog when available, or

2) Return your hedgehog for us to give it the veterinary care needed, and pick him/her up when healthy. 

6 month congenital health guarantee - If your hedgehog dies before the age of 6 months from a congenital health defect/illness, as diagnosed by a veterinarian, we will give you another hedgehog free of charge from our next litter. The diagnosis must be made by a veterinarian through a necropsy, and we must have a copy of the report. Any costs associated with this is the responsibility of the owner. 

Lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome - Although the cause of WHS is not fully understood, it is thought to have a genetic predisposition. If your hedgehog is found to have had WHS, we will give you a hedgehog of your choosing from our next litter. The diagnosis of WHS can only be made by a veterinarian through a necropsy, and we must have a copy of the report. Any costs associated with this is the responsibility of the owner. In the case of a positive WHS case, 50% of the necropsy cost will be reimbursed to you.

Why are necropsies required? 

Necropsies are required to protect both me and my future hedgehogs. I want to make sure I am replacing a hedgehog for good reason, and not because it was neglected or misdiagnosed. I do not want multiple hedgehogs to suffer in the case of neglect/poor husbandry. 

It is important for me to have a definitive diagnosis so I can not breed carriers of genetic disease in the future. I have known hedgehogs to be labelled as WHS when symptoms aren't even fitting of the disease, and this is why a proper necropsy is important. This happens frequently because it is one of the better known hedgehog diseases, so veterinarians and owners both tend to jump to conclusions when illness strikes. I have also had one case of a young adult being returned to me after being diagnosed with tumors while quite young - the 'tumors' turned out to be built up discharge from chronic bacterial infections that was not taken care of!



If you decide a hedgehog isn't for you, you have the option of returning your hedgehog for a partial refund.

First week after adopting - $125

Second week after adopting - $75

After two weeks - No refund will be given. *You must still contact me*

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