Adoption Fee

All hoglets will be $275 regardless of color or gender. 

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your baby for you, this will be deducted from the total cost of your baby.

The Adoption Process

1. Read through the information pages on my website, as well as my policies (here). Make sure you can afford the necessary supplies for a hedgehog.

2. Fill out an application form to get approved for a baby. If you're applying for a specific baby, let me know on your application. If none are available, I will put your name on the wait list and contact you via email when we do have babies. You cannot be added to the wait list unless I have approved an application from you. Hedgehogs are unpredictable and I can't guarantee when I will have a baby for you.

3. I will post baby pictures online at ~3 weeks of age. It can be hard at this age to know what their personalities will be like as adults, but I will try to note if a baby seems more nervous than the others.

4. I will email you when there are babies available for you to choose from.

You will have 24 hours to choose which baby you'd like. If I don't hear anything back from you within the first 24 hours, I will email the next person in line and you may not have first pick. 

5. After you have chosen your baby, I will require a $50 non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from the total cost of your baby. The deposit is required to ensure you are serious about adopting your hedgehog. I have had numerous people place a hold on a baby and then stop answering my emails, or decide on pick up day they don't want them anymore. This wastes a lot of my time and it is harder to place the baby into a home on such short notice.

6. Send me a picture of your cage when it is ready for baby. Your cage must be approved prior to bringing baby home. Make sure everything is appropriate for your hedgehog, please use the information pages on my website to avoid wasting money on the wrong products - if you are unsure, ask. 

7. Babies are usually ready to go home between 6-8 weeks of age, depending on their weight. I will let you know when your baby will be ready to leave, and we can schedule an appointment for you to come pick up your baby at my home or I can meet you with baby. If I am making a special trip to meet you, I will ask a mileage fee of $0.20/km. If you are coming to my home, please arrive on time.

You will have 2 weeks to pick up your baby, after which I will charge a boarding fee of $5 per day.

If picking up your baby, you will need a carrier of some sort to transport them home. Ideally this would be a cat/animal carrier, but a tote or box with good ventilation would work as well. Pet carriers are the safer option in case of an accident - people notice pet carriers rather than boxes or loose animals. Loose animals in the car can be dangerous if they get loose underfoot or caught in something.


You should have adequate heating in your vehicle. Hedgehogs should not be kept directly in front of the heater as they can overheat, but do not let them get too cold. In colder months a blanket is helpful for carrying them to the car.

Payment Options

I accept cash or etransfer to ''. If you are sending an etransfer, please do so prior to picking up your baby (the morning of is fine). 

If you are paying in cash, please bring the exact amount, I am not able to make change.


Do not send any payment for an animal without first having an application approved by me, and confirming with me that I have put your baby on hold for you.

Covid Procedures

For the safety of my family and coworkers, I will no longer be allowing house visits while covid is still present in our communities. Unfortunately, this means baby pick ups will look a lot different and will be a bit more impersonal. I've put together some information under 'Bringing baby home', that I would normally go over with you while you were at my house meeting your baby. Please read this and let me know if you have any other questions!

When picking up your baby at my house, I will ask that you wear a mask and knock on the front door when you arrive. Please have your carrier ready for your baby. I will come outside with my mask on and briefly introduce you to your new baby, then you may place them in your carrier. Since it will be cold, you should have a big enough blanket in the carrier so you can cover them over and get them out of the wind. 

Please reschedule pick up if anyone is feeling ill in your household, I will do the same.

House Visits - Suspended due to Covid

I do allow visitors to my home to handle some of my hedgehogs. This can be helpful to decide if you will like them as a pet, especially if you have children interested in adopting who have never felt quills before.

I do not allow people directly in my hedgehog room if I have expecting moms close to their due dates, or young babies. This is to reduce stress on the mothers, and prevent cannibalism and disease transmission to babies with low immune systems. If timing allows though, I will show you my set up with some different ways you can set up your cages!

I do have a $20 fee for your visit. If you decide to adopt one of my hedgehogs, it will be put towards the cost of your baby. $200 adoption fee - $20 visit = $180 needed when you pick your baby. I also work full time and have other commitments, so visits are usually done on weekends or Wednesday afternoons if my schedule allows.