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Please read through my policies and information pages before sending me questions, quite often your question can be answered there!



Q: Do you have any babies available?

A: Any hedgehogs up for adoption will be listed under 'available hedgehogs'. The hedgehog's adoption status will be beside their name.

Ex -'Tom - available' = Tom is available for adoption to the public.

'Henry - contacting wait list' = Henry doesn't have an owner yet, but the wait list gets first choice.

Q: Can I be placed on your wait list?

A: Sure - please read through my information pages and fill out an adoption application, if your application is accepted you will be placed onto my wait list.


Q: When is your next litter?

A: My next planned litter will be listed under 'available hedgehogs'. This is a rough estimate, as it is sometimes hard to tell if a hedgehog is pregnant or not.

Q: How long would I have to wait for a baby?

A: I cannot give a very accurate estimate on how long you may have to wait for a baby, as it depends on too many factors out of my control (whether the breeding takes or not, how many babies in a litter, how many people on my wait list want babies...)




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