About me

My name is Morgan, I'm a veterinary technician and I've been a hedgehog owner since 2011. My hedgies and I live just outside of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, along with my two dogs, four cats, and many chickens!


My hedgehogs are my babies, they all get high quality food, treats, toys, and vet care. They live in ferret nation cages and bin cages, with fleece bedding. Hedgehogs are special to me and although they're not the pet for everyone, I love to show others how great and rewarding they can be.



Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Why adopt from me

When you buy an animal from the pet store, there's a chance you may end up with a sick, inbred, or pregnant animal with no information on it's background. The person selling you the animal may not have the correct knowledge to properly assist you with your hedgehog's needs. Buying from a breeder gives you the security of knowing where your pet comes from and having lifetime support should you have any questions or concerns.


Since the gene pool for hedgehogs is rather limited, I only breed pedigreed hedgehogs. My hedgehogs have at least 5 generations of tracked ancestors, which allows me to avoid inbreeding.